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easy to install screen sample ash tray mount First Opinion on Your Car's Health
    Watches over your vehicle's vital signs for problems:
•   Tells you how bad they are and how soon to fix them
•   Anticipates failures and gives advanced warnings
•   Offers maintenance reminders and adjusts
    for heavy load and severe use

    Added features for do-it-your-selfers:
•   Lists possible causes
•   Keeps problem and maintenance history
•   Stays in constant touch with your vehicle's computer

    Easy installation:
    One cable with two plugs (nothing to do with fire wall
    or wiring harness)

    LCD Display:
    4 x 20 character with automatic backlight and contrast

    4.375 wide x 3.25 high x 1.5 deep

    Mounting options:
    Front dash/ashtray or on stalk over dash

•   Please have your car's make, model, year, engine or VIN
    ready when you order.
•   Now serving 1996 and newer GM cars and light trucks
•   Call or email us for availability for other makes and models.

    General Motors OBD 2     - $ 129 US *

    * Tax and shipping not included
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