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It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to structured settlement and annuity transactions. Be informed in your decision making with our blog posts.

What is an Annuity anyway?

What is an annuity? There are many different structures and terms surrounding annuities. So we tried to put many of them in one place to inform our users.

Examples of Individuals obtaining financial freedom with CrowFly

CrowFly provides needed cash for many different individuals and uses. This blog provides a number of examples of approved transfers providing financial freedom.

Competition created by CrowFly is good for Structured Settlement holders in need of immediate cash

Competition created by CrowFly is good for Structured Settlement holders. More interest from investors enables better outcomes. That means more money for you. 

Why Am I Not Getting Face Value for My Future Payments?

You might not be getting a straight answer as to why you won’t get every dime from the sale, even though they are your payments. This post breaks it down.

Can I Sell my Structured Settlement Payments to Buy a Car?

If you need to buy a car, you may be wondering if it is possible to get a lump sum for your future structured settlement payments and use that money. The short answer is yes, you can – as long as a court approves the sale as an urgent need.

CrowFly Revolutionizes How You Sell Your Structured Settlement

We at CrowFly have shaken up the process of buying and selling structured settlement payments by combining a tech-forward platform with transparency and goodwill.

Transparency, Solicitations, and Our Competitors: What You Should Know

CrowFly takes every possible precaution to protect sellers’ identifying information in public court documents where appropriate, but we are limited by state regulations on redacting.

How to Get a Lump Sum for Your Structured Settlement Payments

If a sudden expense or opportunity has come up, your settlement might be the only asset you have to cover it. You may be able to transfer the rights to some or all of your future payments in exchange for cash.

Introducing Our Ebook for Structured Settlement Sellers!

We’ve compiled an ebook to help you start figuring it all out. From a chart of the process, to a list of important questions to ask yourself before selling, to an intro to our digital platform, this free, printable PDF is a great place to start.

To Sell or Not to Sell Structured Settlement Payments? Start Here.

Something unexpected (and expensive) might have come up in your life, you need a lot of money right away, and you’re thinking about selling your structured settlement. Or, maybe you’re just wondering if you can “cash out” your future structured settlement payments and collect a lump sum. If that sounds like you, you’ve found a great place to start!

The Laws that Protect People Who Sell Structured Settlement Payments

There are several layers of federal and state laws that protect individuals who want to sell their future structured settlement payments. If you are weighing your options, this may be a helpful place to start. 

Why the Structured Settlement Marketplace Gets a Bad Rap

When you “sell” your future structured settlement payments, you are really transferring the rights to the payments in exchange for a lump sum. Sounds reasonable, right? Unfortunately, selling payments can mean entering the lion’s den of an industry that does not work in your best interest.

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