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Can I Sell an Annuity?

You’ve got payments from an annuity that come in on a schedule, and you’re wondering if you can cash them out to cover an expense. But can you even sell an annuity?

Alexandra Dirr Joins CrowFly as Transaction Navigator

We asked Alexandra a few questions about her life and background. Here's what she had to say.

How Investors Can Buy Structured Settlements

Guaranteed future payments from a structured settlement are alternative investment options that can provide guaranteed income and help hedge risk.

A Structured Settlement Seller Story

This story shows how we helped one seller almost double the price he expected to receive for his future payments. At the same time, our team provided him and his wife with all the information they needed to move forward as successfully as possible.

Selling Structured Settlement Payments in Texas

If you are interested in selling your structured settlement for cash in Texas, here is a brief overview of the related laws.

Selling Structured Settlement Payments in Massachusetts

You live in Massachusetts and have a structured settlement, but suddenly, a financial need arises. Can you get cash by selling structured settlement payments?

Selling Structured Settlement Payments in Florida

You live in Florida, you have a structured settlement, and suddenly you need a large sum of money. What can you do? Is it possible to sell structured settlement payments for cash in Florida?

Can You 'Cash Out' Structured Settlement Payments?

There is no way to reverse a structured settlement agreement and receive cash for your future payments instead. But depending on your situation, you may be able to transfer the rights to your future structured settlement payments for cash.

Selling a Structured Settlement When You’re in College

It's possible to get a lump sum for your future structured settlement payments and use that money while you’re in college, as long as the reason you need the lump sum is considered “urgent” by the court, and you have no other way to get the funds you need. 

4 Ways CrowFly is Different from Other Structured Settlement Companies

Our competitors sometimes say that because we haven’t been around for decades, that means that we’re not as good as they are. The truth is, we are different in several ways that benefit the people we help.

Selling a Structured Settlement that You’ve Inherited

If you inherited a structured settlement, that means you now have the rights to the future payments. And in situations where you have a financial need, you most likely qualify to sell some or all of the future payments from the inheritance for a lump sum in cash.

How CrowFly Gets Sellers More Money

If you’ve decided to sell your structured settlement payments, you want to get the most money possible. CrowFly actively works to get sellers the most money. Here’s how.

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