A Structured Settlement Seller Story

At CrowFly, we are proud of the work we do to help structured settlement sellers get the most money for their future payments while putting them at ease with the process. The below story shows how we helped one seller almost double the price he expected to receive for his future payments. At the same time, our team provided him and his wife with all the information they needed to move forward as successfully as possible.

“Bill” had a court date to sell his future payments through another company. Although that company gave him a $2,000 advance on the sale, Bill and his wife continued to research the selling process and sought offers from other companies. They found the CrowFly website and our structured settlement calculator, which gave them an estimated value of nearly double what the other company offered them. 

So, Bill called CrowFly to discuss the court date and what he saw on our website. A transaction navigator confirmed that the estimate Bill saw was accurate and that we would be able to help him get nearly double the other offer they had received. Bill told his family’s story and mentioned how unhappy he and his wife were with the other company. They said that they appreciated our website, especially how we provide useful information about selling structured settlements and how we’re working to improve the industry. Bill expressed his gratitude that we took the time to have a genuine conversation with him. His wife voiced her concerns about the $2,000 advance, and her hopes that we could take over the transfer process on their court date. 

The next day, CrowFly’s COO, Nita, called Bill and discussed the opportunity to use his funds from the transfer to pay back the advance from the other company. Nita answered all of his questions. Satisfied with their experience with our team so far, Bill and his wife decided to work with CrowFly on selling structured settlement payments.

The same transaction navigator called a day later to go over the disclosure statement. During the call, Bill informed her of a recent conversation with the first company about choosing to move forward with our company instead. Although they were told that CrowFly was too new to follow through with the transaction (which is entirely untrue), Bill stood his ground. He told the transaction navigator how difficult it is to find genuine people to talk to and work with when looking to sell future payments. He also raved about his conversation he had with Nita the day before. Confident that they can trust our company, Bill and his wife are now going through the process of selling their structured settlement payments.

At CrowFly, we’re committed to creating a positive experience that is built on trust, accessibility, and transparency for individuals who have structured settlements. If you’re like Bill and are considering selling your future payments, contact CrowFly at 833-CROWFLY or visit crowfly.com/sellers to get started today with a quote.