How Investors Can Buy Structured Settlements

If you’re planning for retirement or building your portfolio, choosing investments off the beaten path can create important diversity. On top of mainstream investments like stocks and real estate, alternative investment options can provide guaranteed income and help hedge risk – both necessary features in today’s economy. 

Here’s one type of asset you may not have yet considered: guaranteed future payments that come from another person’s structured settlement. These payments become available when an annuitant (specifically with a structured settlement from a personal injury lawsuit) needs a substantial amount of money quickly and decides to transfer the rights to their future settlement payments. 

By selling with CrowFly, these annuitants can get a lump sum from some or all of their future payments all at once. For the buyer, purchasing these assets comes with multiple benefits: 

  • Higher yields than many other investment options (more details here).
  • Better security, since they pose less risk than equities and have a strong repayment history by highly-rated insurance companies. 
  • The ability to help someone by providing liquidity when they face a sudden financial need and need cash for their structured settlement payments. 

High-return, high-security investment opportunities are typically difficult to find outside the stock market, and in an environment with so much investment uncertainty, these assets are a nice thing to grab when possible. Structured settlements are typically a low-risk investment with an attractive yield. 

At CrowFly, we aim to increase the value of these assets for you, the buyer, as well as the people who sell them. Our transparent and efficient process and our online platform make it easier for buyers to purchase the rights to structured settlement payments directly from sellers. 

Buyers on our platform 

Our network of buyers includes both institutions and individuals who have capital and want to buy guaranteed income streams. Vetted buyers can be anywhere in the U.S. and include individuals planning for retirement or looking to diversify their portfolio, family offices, investment funds, and others. 

If you’re interested in becoming a buyer on our platform, contact us and we will work with you to confirm your qualifications. Once you are verified as an eligible purchaser, you can join our platform to see the assets currently available and make offers. Visit to get started. 

How CrowFly works

CrowFly is the first user-friendly online platform for buying and selling future structured settlement payments. We are dedicated to providing an experience that is easy, fast, and transparent and helps both buyers and sellers get more value for the assets. Questions? Give us a call at 833-CROWFLY, email, or visit