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It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to structured settlement and annuity transactions. Be informed in your decision making with our blog posts.

The DNA of CrowFly

CrowFly is an online marketplace connecting sellers and buyers of structured settlement payments. Nita Bhatia, COO of CrowFly, shares some of the core values that help strengthen the company internally.

Who Will Buy My Structured Settlement Payments?

Like many Americans, you may suddenly need an immediate sum of cash - and selling your future payments may be your only option. If that is the case for you, who are buyers of structured settlement payments?

Why Would I Sell My Structured Settlement?

By Beth Saiff, CrowFly Transaction Lead. There is a very easy immediate answer to the question, “why would I sell my structured settlement?” Technically, you can’t sell your structured settlement. Now you may be thinking: “What? Why should I keep reading?” 

Why Do Judges Have to Approve Structured Settlement Transfers?

Selling structured settlement payments if you have an urgent need for money shouldn’t cause more suffering. So, why does a judge need to be involved to approve the transfer of payment rights when they are your payments?

Investors Scramble for Yield as Growth Outlook Darkens

The world is again running low on yield. That is pushing investors to once again look farther afield for income and returns. In some cases, that requires investors to take more risk or lower their longer-term expectations, an unpleasant prospect.

CrowFly average discount rate (or how we get sellers more money)

Our average discount rate is extremely low. That means more money for you. Read more to understand how. 

How CrowFly Simplifies the Process of Transferring Rights to a Structured Settlement

As professionals with decades of experience in the settlement planning field, we have seen firsthand the difficulties and inefficiencies within the structured settlement exchange market. We developed CrowFly as a fair, legal alternative for people to buy and sell future structured settlement payments.

Washington Post: Fraudulent Factoring Companies in Maryland

Disclosures about how the structured settlement purchasing industry further vicitimized individiuals in Maryland that suffered from the effects of lead paint.

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