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CrowFly’s platform connects you directly with structured settlement sellers to purchase future payments with up to 5% yield on your investment.

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What am I buying?

Buying the rights to the future payments is similar to buying an annuity, bond, or other guaranteed fixed income asset.


Structured settlement holders are granted future guaranteed payments by a court due to a previous injury or harm. Sometimes, these holders have an immediate need for a cash payout and can choose to transfer the rights to future payments in exchange for a lump sum.

Crowfly provides access to guaranteed Structured Settlement Annuity Payments. Individuals who need funds now, transfer the rights to future payments at a discount. The end result is a defined set of guaranteed payments from top-tier insurance companies, with a great yield.


Backed by insurance companies generally with Superior (A+) or better1

iSince Structured Settlements are assigned by a court, the rights to the future payments are the only things that change hands.

Risk profiles aligned with treasuries or other fixed income assets

iFuture payments are secured and backed by highly rated life insurance companies, such as Prudential and MetLife.

3.5%-5.0% expected yield for buyers

iThese transactions are appealing for buyers because of the relatively high yields and consistent return on the investment.

1Source: AM Best Ratings

Security Profile

Security Profile

CrowFly is built to help

With CrowFly’s proprietary platform, we provide the tools to streamline the buying process so all you worry about is earning high fixed returns.

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Intuitive. Transparent. Accessible.

CrowFly offers individual accedited investors access to opportunities previously reserved for institutions.

Earn more from your retirement portfolio in fixed income while maintaining high quality and safety.

CrowFly makes it easy to find, vet, and execute deals with individuals who need capital now. 

Here's how it works

Register online

Submit your information through our secure online portal for our team to review and approve. We need to ensure you are an Eligible Purchaser.

Browse investments

Review our verified listings to find the right one for you. Browsing is free, anoynymous, and easy.

Initiate transaction

Select the verified listing that's right for you. CrowFly has the tools to support the process and provides you the data you need.

Review the sale

Complete your due diligence with a financial advisor. Once approved, an attorney reviews all of the documents and we collect a deposit. 

Become the owner

The transaction is finalized through a court order, insurance acknowledgement, and final payment.

Then sit back and collect future payments.

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