• Highly Recommend

    They were able to beat other company's offers by a lot. Best company to work with when selling payments.

    - Tobin Z.

  • Excellent

    Extraordinarily professional and knowledgeable.

    - Aubrey L.

  • Great Folk & Killer Service

    I've been an advisor to the CrowFly team for almost two years now. They're great folk with a killer service. I'm continually impressed with how much they try to look out for their customers. You couldn't ask for a better partner when selling your annuity.

    - Robert M.

  • Fair & Respective

    I have worked with several other companies concerning my structured settlement, but none even came close to the fairness and kindness that I was shown by CrowFly. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fair deal and respect. I never felt pressured nor did I feel like a number. I only wish that I had found them sooner!

    - Miika S.

  • They Really Care

    Honest and helpful people, highly recommend for selling your structured settlement or getting information on what it’s worth. I have had nothing, but good things to say about this company and I feel as if they really cared about my case.

    - Isabelle G.

  • Great Outcome

    This industry needs companies like CrowFly! It's really easy to use and provides great outcomes with transparency. Good work guys!

    - Sam F.

  • They Make Sure I Understood Everything

    CrowFly made the process smooth and easy for me from the buyer side. They care about what they do and made sure that I understood the process thoroughly!

    - Trey C.

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  • Amazing!

    We worked with Katie Bridger and she was amazing! They worked with us and got everything done as fast as they could. It was a pleasure working with Katie and CrowFly.

    - Victoria K.

  • Visionary Team
    When I write a review for a company, I like to give details, but I also like to share a story. My journey to find a settlement funding company was driven by my desire to provide a stable financial future for my wife and son. This transaction was to secure the most amount of capital for my family's future and to do so in a seamless, and accelerated fashion. A company that can be uncomplicated is a plus because I deal with a traumatic brain injury and can be overwhelmed easily. Moving quickly was a must, as many of us searching for settlement funding have an immediate need. I should state, there was one last thing I was looking for but had tabled because I thought it impossible. That thing was finding a company with a level moral and business compass. I will address that wish later in this review.

    My search for a settlement funding company lead me to the big names. To be honest, these companies were quick, but there was so much missing. Quotes were low, and even when transactions involved large sums of money, personalized service was nonexistent. The further down the rabbit hole I went, the more I realized I needed to do far more research. The last straw was a complete breakdown of communication and a vast timeline under evaluation. This situation of overpromising and underdelivering opened a new door I never knew existed.

    T.V. air time and radio commercials are dominated by the usual players when it comes to settlement funding. These companies are quick, and your search can be over before it begins. That being said, if you dig just a bit deeper ... "google the best-structured settlement companies" you will find CrowFly. My first point of contact with CrowFly was their website. Let me set the table for this amazing and progressive web interface. I was able to complete an intricate quote on my phone(old Galaxy model) from the comfort of my bed. Not only was using their website easy, but the best part was also this quote was vastly higher than their large competitors.

    If an amazing website (easiest quote I have ever received) and the highest bid I had received were not enough, there is the CrowFly team. I worked with co-founder Nita Bhatia, and I can not say enough about her as a businesswoman and genuinely good person. Her level of empathy for my situation and her determination to get me the most money I could receive was unparalleled. Never before have a worked with a company and individual who could walk the thin line of profit and people in this manner.

    CrowFly and Nita Bhatia are disturbers in this space, and you absolutely must give them a chance to earn your business. I mentioned earlier, I did not believe I could find a company with a balanced moral and business compass..... how very wrong I was. I can not recommend another company I have worked with more in my life, right now than CrowFly. I truly appreciate everything they did for me... and I know they can do the same for you... Give Nita and her visionary team a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed.

    - Paul A.

  • Highly Recommend

    Honestly the nicest and most respectful company I can think of! Even though I didn’t sign with them they helped me exceed other company limits! Would recommend it to anyone who is looking into selling a settlement!

    - Former Client

  • Exceptional Team
    After looking at numerous firms and getting offers from four, I selected CrowFly because they offered the highest payment for my structured settlement. Once I began working with CrowFly, I also realized that they provide exceptional customer service. The process was simple and easy to understand. They provided a single person to work with for the duration of the transaction. They were prompt in providing and processing the required documentation and very responsive with information and answers to questions. I unhesitantly recommend CrowFly to anyone with similar financial needs.

    - Martin P.

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