Personal Injury Settlements

Personal Injury Settlements

Offering Ethical Options to Buying & Selling Structured Settlement Payments

A lot is at stake when it comes to selling structured settlement payments. If you’re a seller, you may feel desperate to get the cash you need to pay for expenses, but might also feel worried about someone taking advantage of you. On the other side of the equation, if you’re looking to make an investment by purchasing future payments, you may be concerned about the risk you’re taking. Enter CrowFly: offering an innovative online platform that connects buyers and sellers safely and efficiently. Our team serves people across the United States, including those who are interested in selling or purchasing settlement payments that resulted from personal injury cases. We’re transparent in all that we do and are happy to break down the transfer process to ensure you feel most comfortable. Furthermore, we’ll get you the best possible results when you need them.

CrowFly connects qualified buyers with sellers of structured settlement payments, many of whom have a structured settlement as a result of a personal injury claim, through our online portal.

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What Does Personal Injury Entail?

One of the main ways that individuals and families obtain structured settlements is through filing personal injury claims. Personal injury cases can be filed when a person has been injured and has accrued damages as a result of another person or entity’s negligence.

Structured settlements, or settlements that are disbursed to parties over a certain length of time, can result from the following types of accidents (among others):

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car accidents, rideshare accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Cruise ship accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Childbirth injuries
  • Work-related accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Animal attacks such as dog bites
  • Premises liability, including slip and fall accidents and negligent security cases
  • Product liability, including defective medical devices and car parts
  • Nursing home neglect/ abuse
  • Wrongful death of a family member or loved one

Personal injury claims can arise from injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic. From broken bones and lacerations to spinal cord injuries and head and brain injuries, injuries from preventable accidents can result in thousands to millions of dollars in damages.

We strive to provide buyers and sellers with the value and transparency they deserve as they transfer the rights to structured settlement payments from personal injury cases.

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Learn More About Personal Injury Settlements

How Individuals Win Personal Injury Settlements

Individuals who wish to hold at-fault parties responsible for negligence must prove certain elements in their personal injury claim. One of the main elements to prove is the fact that the negligent party owed the plaintiff a standard of care. This can apply to virtually any situation. A driver is obligated to drive safely and prevent passengers and others on the road from being struck or injured, for example, and a doctor owes their patient a duty to provide appropriate medical care.

After establishing this duty of care, victims’ attorneys then need to prove there was a breach of that duty, and that it was this breach that directly resulted in the individual’s injuries and damages. When a claim is successful, the at-fault party’s insurance company is likely the one who will cover the costs of their damages, which may involve medical bills, lost wages and/or diminished earning capacity, and non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Are All Personal Injury Cases Won in Court?

Individuals can receive settlement offers in a variety of situations, and they don’t always have to go to court. Many personal injury cases are settled outside of court and never go to trial. If negotiations are unsuccessful, a case may go to trial where the plaintiff’s attorney will pursue compensation.

Some victims are able to choose between a lump sum and a structured settlement, while some settlement agreements may require the plaintiff to receive a structured settlement. Though structured settlements may initially seem ideal, many victims find that their circumstances have changed and they need some or all of their payments sooner. When selling is in a person’s best interest, CrowFly works to get him or her the most money for the future payments as well as the most value for the person who purchases them.

We are committed to getting you a better outcome. Always.

If you are interested in becoming an investor in a structured settlement payment, you need a team who knows how to help you get the best deal. That team is CrowFly. When you need to sell your structured settlement payments, you need a team who knows how to help you get the best result. That team is CrowFly.

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